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40-42 New St, Carrickbeg, Carrick-On-Suir, Co. Tipperary, E32 VY57

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H.I.I.T – 30min

H.i.i.T=High Intensity Interval Training
Carrick on Suir

Level beginner to advanced.

All Classes are currently booked up – contact Lee for more information

High speed, high tempo and maximum effort is required for this 30 minute session. With an eye firmly focused on Cardiovascular fitness there will on occasion see resistance exercises thrown in for good measure. Failure is your goal and speed is your friend.

It’s about getting that heart rate up and keeping it up with many studies showing that short burst of intense exercise has a better affect on the burning of calories. We encourage the use of both long sessions and these short sessions as it keeps your body guessing.


Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

Weight loss.

Short duration.

Improvement in Cardiovascular fitness.

Social interaction.

Stress relief.

General health and well-being improvement.

Event Hours(4)

  • Monday

    06.30 - 07.00

  • Wednesday

    07.00 - 07.30

  • Wednesday

    18.00 - 18.30

  • Thursday

    06.30 - 07.00