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How to build a good meal 101

How to build a good meal 101 (in picture)

The way you eat is always going to be whether you are successful with fat loss or not.

The best personal trainer, coach, fitness class, nutritionist, etc etc, in the world could only do so much for you.

If you make an effort with the food you could literally have Mickey mouse train you and you would successfully lose weight.

A thing to be careful of :
Monday to Friday you could eat well, the end of the week you are 2 lbs down.
Saturday & Sunday you eat off track, a fry Saturday morning, picking all day, a few drinks and a takeaway Saturday night.
Wake up Sunday hungover, a bottle of something sugary, followed by a Chinese at some stage in the day, and something bad that night to finish off the weekend and start fresh Monday.

But you are already after putting back up them 2lbs you lost from last week over the weekend, and you are going to lose them 2lbs again this week come the time you weigh yourself at the end of the week, and surprise you are the same weight. 🤔

‘Food’ for thought

This picture should help show you what the build a good balanced meal 😁

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